In portraits, in addition to likeness,
I try to capture the inner, essential light that each one of us carries within.


Artist’s Statement


For me, art is the expression of the human spirit.


In my paintings, I try to express the intangible energy that pulsates in everything.


Whenever my work succeeds in moving a viewer, my goal has been achieved.


My artwork seeks to engage the spectator as a viewer and as a participant in the work. I use the less clearly defined spaces to engage the viewer’s own imagination.


I choose subjects to paint when their discovery has made a strong impact on me. The subject has to really motivate me and strongly capture my attention.


The power of this impression brings with it technique, chromatic range, style and the key tonality of the piece to be painted. It allows me to let go and flow with my inspiration, and this works well for me.


At present, I am particularly interested in beauty and harmony as a form of pictorial philosophy, but one without set rules.


I think of each work as unique and extraordinary, needing to be dealt with in its own particular way.


My painting style is characterized by brisk, yet smooth, gestures and loose brushwork.


In portraits, in addition to likeness, I try to capture the inner, essential, light that each one of us carries within.


In commissioned artwork, I look for a balance between concessions needed for my clients and my own pictorial vision. This has always allowed me to provide both quality and professional assurance, things vital in my own life.


I am truly filled with joy when I paint. It is something that I do with profound love and gratitude. I feel that painting in this way helps me to radiate outwards some of the inner peace generated during states of inspiration.

And such Peace is for anyone to experience.

Antonio Carrillo Bernal
Antonio Bernal