Native of Caceres, Antonio C. Bernal has 40 years of experience in Academic Painting, Figurative Art, Graphic Design and Creativity. At present, he specializes in portrait painting using an impressionistic style and loose brushwork.


Between 1972 and 1988, he worked at prominent multinationals in Madrid, e.g. McCann Erickson, Tandem, Delvico Bates and Comunicarte, where he held positions such as Graphic Designer, Art Director and Creative Director.


In 1989, Antonio moved to South America, where his creative activity was greatly broadened, and where he spent a whole decade. In Bolivia, he was offered a position as professor of the Applied Arts and Graphic Design program at the Private University of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.


In 1999, Antonio returned to Spain, where his artistic talents continued to develop at his workshop in the town of Castañar de Ibor, Caceres.


He has taught several courses and seminaries on creativity, graphic design, painting, drawing and portraits in the Americas, Spain and Norway.


Antonio’s commissioned works have included those from private and public clients and institutions in Europe, Uruguay, Brazil and the Dominican Republic.

Professional Experience

Antonio Carrillo Bernal

            1972           ATELIER 606, Madrid - Art Editor Assistant and Layout Artist

1973 - 1975           PUBLICIDAD 70, Madrid - Art Editor Assistant and Layout Artist

1975 - 1978           FERNANDO MEDINA DISEÑO, Madrid - Layout Artist

1978 - 1980           MADISON, Madrid - Graphic Designer

1980 - 1985           McCANN ERICKSON, Madrid - Graphic Designer and

                                Junior Art Director

            1985           TANDEM DDB NEEDHAM, Madrid - Senior Art Director

1986 - 1987           DELVICO BATES, Madrid - Senior Art Director

1987 - 1989           VITRUVIO. FCA., Madrid - Freelance

                                PUBLINSA. S.A., Madrid - Freelance

                                TAPSA/NWAyer, Madrid - Freelance

                                CONTRAPUNTO, Madrid - Freelance

                                COMUNICARTE, Madrid - Graphic Designer

1989 - 1991           FREELANCE, Madrid - Graphic Designer

1992 - 1999           COMUNICARTE, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

                                General Manager and Creative Director

1993 - 2018           International Portrait Painter Specialist


Teaching Experience 


1990 - 1996           Professor in the Graphic Design and Applied Arts program,

                                UPSA University – Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

1998 - 1999           Professor in the Faculty of Communications Studies and

                                Applied Arts – UTEPSA University, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

2000 - 2016           Drawing, painting and portrait workshops at The University

                                of Extremadura – Plasencia Folk University

                                Castañar de Ibor Workroom, Caceres, and at

                                Da Vinci Academy, Palma de Mallorca

2017                       Watercolor Painting Course, Plasencia - Caceres

2018                       Charcoal Portrait Course, Navalmoral de la Mata Folk University, Caceres

2018                       Watercolor Painting Course, Ljosheim Dale i Sunnfjord, Noruega


Art Exhibitions


1993                       1st Graphic Expo of Comunicarte, SRL – Bolivia

1999                       Portraits at Cultural Centre of Castañar de Ibor, Caceres

2000                       Monographic Exhibition at Cultural Hall of Navalmoral, Caceres

2001                       ‘Figures’ at Cultural Centre of Castañar de Ibor, Caceres

2001                       IV Painting Contest – UNED, Plasencia

2002                       ‘Posada del Rincon’ Rural Hotel – Guadalupe, Caceres

2003                       Country Folk, Plaza de Neptuno Restauran – Madrid

2004                       Collective Exhibition, BBAA Eulogio Blasco School – Caceres

2005                       Collective Exhibition, BBAA Eulogio Blasco School – Caceres

2007                       Mallorca's Light, GALA Galerie - Palma de Mallorca

2008                       Monographic Exhibition, La Cartuja Chapter House – Mallorca

2009                       Digital Presentation – Casa Fraternidad, Lourdes, Francia

2011                       Figueira – Minas Gerais, Brazil

2011                       Digital Presentation, Coraçao Sagrado – Fatima, Portugal

2012                       Casa Redencion – Salto, Uruguay

2015                       EXPO-SIBLE Exhibition, Rodrigo Davila School – Castañar de Ibor, Caceres

2016                       Collective Exhibition, Rodrigo Davila School – Castañar de Ibor, Caceres

2017                       Collective Exhibition, CRISOLART GALLERIES, Barcelona

2017                       Portrait Exhibition, "Las Claras"  Plasencia, Caceres

2018                       Watercolor Painting Exhibition, Rodrigo Davila School                                  –                                Castañar de Ibor, Caceres

2018                       «Atterskin» (Reflexions) Art Exhibits, Studio Nova City Hall (2 days) and                                 Ljosheim  (3 days) Dale i Sunnfjord, Norway

Literary Work

1991                       At Your Pace – Poetic prose, Illustrated

1992                       The Light that Surrounds Us – Poetic prose, Illustrated

1998                       ANKAR –Creative method

Opinion of prominent Artists

“Antonio Bernal’s works of art seem to have been painted by an angel. They remind me of the work of Friar Angelico"


Antonio Lopez Garcia. Yuste, Autumn 2003

Antonio Bernal with painter Antonio Lopez Garcia, at the Plastic Arts Workshop, held during the XXV Autumn Salon of Plasencia’s Painting (2003).

“In his portraits, Antonio Bernal has the ability to depict the soul of the person being portrayed"


Don Felix Revello de Toro. Barcelona, 2002

Antonio Bernal